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Domain Expert Driven Indices, built for Investors.  


(see disclosures below)

North Shore Global Uranium Mining Index

The North Shore Global Uranium Mining Index is a one-of-a-kind, pure play uranium mining index. The index holds both miners and holders of physical uranium. It is tilted towards junior miners. 

Index returns shown prior to December 4, 2019 reflect back-tested performance, which is NOT actual performance, but is hypothetical. The back-tested return calculations are based on the same methodology that was in effect when the index was officially launched. However, back-tested returns reflect the application of the index methodology with the benefit of hindsight, and the index was developed with the benefit of knowing what such back-tested returns would show. The results of such back-tested returns were used to further the development of the index to maximize the back-tested returns for the index.


Index returns shown may not represent the results of the actual trading of investable assets because the index returns do not reflect the fees and expenses that would have been incurred in such trading. Additionally, the back-tested index returns assume that the index was fully invested (i.e., no cash was included). You cannot invest in an index.


Actual results may significantly differ from the back-tested returns being presented, and back-tested performance is not an indication of future results. This information  is provided for illustrative purposes only.


No entity achieved the backtested performance shown. 


Going forward, performance may be materially different from the backtested performance.

North Shore
Dual Share
Class Index

The North Shore Dual Share Class Index is a one-of-a-kind, pure play dual share class index. The index holds US-listed companies that have dual share class structures.


North Shore Indices is an investor-led, index development, business.  Our objective is the creation of opportunistic, thematic indices whose construction is overseen by domain experts.  

We create pure-play indices on novel and/or out-of-favor, contrarian investment ideas.

Domain Experts


Tim Rotolo

North Shore is led by Tim Rotolo. Tim is also the founder of Lloyd Harbor Capital Management, LLC.  Prior to founding Lloyd Harbor, Tim was a Vice President at Sandalwood Securities, Inc. a $1.25 billion fund of hedge funds focused on distressed, credit and event-driven strategies. Tim received his BA from Tufts University.









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